Alice Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness

Alice Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness

Lots of stream crossings to keep you cool on this hike!  Two night trip up to Alice Lake and Twin Lakes in late July.  This very popular hike in the Sawtooths can be connected into a longer trip as part of the Toxaway Loop, the trailhead begins at Pettit Lake (tin cup).

Devil's Lake, WI

Loaded the camera bag and took the bike out for a test run.  Still getting a feel for what I want to share on camera without taking away from enjoying the experience in the moment (it feels sort of awkward talking on camera).  So here’s my first video testing the bike/gopro/drone (many improvements to be made!), uploaded from a Cracker Barrel parking lot in Boulder, CO. 

General update, I’ve been covering a lot of miles this week and shooting/filming a lot but not editing much.  Looking forward to slowing down once we get to Idaho.  Rio is well.   Only crashed the bike once this week, more on that later!