A month on the move

Well…I think I underestimated how difficult it would be to manage a blog while traveling, but so far that’s been a good problem to have.  What’s the rush?  This month I’ve moved around a lot, made new friends, and worked out the kinks with the camper.  Rio is living a dog's life and we're enjoying every minute of it!

Now a lot happens in a month so here are a few of the highlights but first a map.

Thirteen states and 6,000 miles later!

Thirteen states and 6,000 miles later!


Hot and Windy in Badlands National Park.  Lots of wildlife, scenic views, and ripple roads.  Shook the trailer hitch loose here, quick fix.  Laid the Motoped down on a patch of gravel and bent a pedal, another quick fix.  Seriously impressed with the Element! Pulled us over the Rockies 3 times, bucked the winds of Wyoming, and got us out of some dicey backcountry roads.  

One of the biggest challenges has been figuring out where to stay.  Everywhere is unfamiliar and there's no guarantee you'll have cell service once you get there.  There are websites with good information and I've done plenty of scanning on google maps but without a doubt the most reliable source of information is word of mouth.  The most memorable places I've stayed at have come by way of recommendation from people traveling just like me.  They know where to find good water and public facilities but most of all they know what works.  

Sometimes you have to overnight in parking lot because a spot you scoped out from 400 miles away doesn't pan out or in my case the camp area near the Rockies doesn't open until the 15th and you're there on the 14th.  And then there are places like this: 

Curtis Canyon wasn't exactly on my radar but life is full of happy coincidences.  You see, I met Emily and Alfred about a week earlier at a climber's camp area just behind Mount Rushmore.  We only met for a moment but you know good people when you meet them.  The kind of people that took an idea and are doing something about it.  I have so much respect for all the different reasons people choose this lifestyle.  Each person's journey is exciting and scary in their own way and yet those challenges are what connect us.

I learned that and many other things sitting around the campfire in the company of new and friendly faces.  We did some climbing and set up my first pop-up shop at a farmer's market in Jackson but mostly we just laughed and shared stories.  Here's a little video of the area:

Coming from Florida, I have a lot to learn about climbing.  Thank you for showing me the ropes.  Thank you for being familiar in an unfamiliar place.  Thank you Mak & Owen (@bound.for.nowhere), Brooke  (@brookbachesta), Emily and Alfred (@whynotnow_van)

On the road again, stopped by Crater's of the Moon on the way to Stanley.

It's funny how a place can just feel right.  The moment I drove into Stanley, Idaho two years ago I knew I'd be back.  So here I am, ready to call this place home.

Devil's Lake, WI

Loaded the camera bag and took the bike out for a test run.  Still getting a feel for what I want to share on camera without taking away from enjoying the experience in the moment (it feels sort of awkward talking on camera).  So here’s my first video testing the bike/gopro/drone (many improvements to be made!), uploaded from a Cracker Barrel parking lot in Boulder, CO. 

General update, I’ve been covering a lot of miles this week and shooting/filming a lot but not editing much.  Looking forward to slowing down once we get to Idaho.  Rio is well.   Only crashed the bike once this week, more on that later!

First Trip of the Year!

First trip of many in 2017!  So much has happened since my last post, it was a mad dash to have everything ready in time for our trip home to Ohio.  Of course I’m excited to share some pictures but more than anything I just wanted to say thank you.  Here’s to an exciting new year!


Creating something from nothing is no small feat!  Which is exactly what Garrett Finney has done over at Taxa Outdoors (www.taxaoutdoors.com) creating an incredible line of campers.  Seriously, they have some really unique campers that are towable with just about any vehicle.  Much of the inspiration for this build borrows from the Tiger Moth design which is just the right size for a guy, girl, and a dog.  The slightly larger model, The Cricket, flexes into the family camper role and they even have an overlanding towable with The Woolly Bear.  

A special thanks to Tyrone for giving me a place to build (remember when I rolled in with that rust-bucket off craigslist?) and engineering assistance.  To my friends and family who have been reading along, thank you for your encouragement and positive words.  From here, this is only the beginning!