First Trip of the Year!

First trip of many in 2017!  So much has happened since my last post, it was a mad dash to have everything ready in time for our trip home to Ohio.  Of course I’m excited to share some pictures but more than anything I just wanted to say thank you.  Here’s to an exciting new year!


Creating something from nothing is no small feat!  Which is exactly what Garrett Finney has done over at Taxa Outdoors ( creating an incredible line of campers.  Seriously, they have some really unique campers that are towable with just about any vehicle.  Much of the inspiration for this build borrows from the Tiger Moth design which is just the right size for a guy, girl, and a dog.  The slightly larger model, The Cricket, flexes into the family camper role and they even have an overlanding towable with The Woolly Bear.  

A special thanks to Tyrone for giving me a place to build (remember when I rolled in with that rust-bucket off craigslist?) and engineering assistance.  To my friends and family who have been reading along, thank you for your encouragement and positive words.  From here, this is only the beginning!

Build Update 1: Trailer assembly

I started with a 5’x8’ kit trailer from Northern Tool, but knew that I would be making some modifications to the frame to suit my needs on day one.  Well technically, I first bought a rusty junker of a trailer from a guy on craigslist before I knew what I was getting myself into… Luckily I was able to flip the trailer, and get some learning out of the way early while I was at it.

Going with the kit trailer gave me a blank slate that was affordable and could be changed to suit my needs.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the modifications I made to the trailer assembly:

Welded frame and tongue extension (35% more sqft!)
Painted with Truckbed liner
Added jack stand and stabilizers
Replaced axle with a Dexter Torsion axle
Full size 16" rims and tires