dexter torsion axle

Build Update 1: Trailer assembly

I started with a 5’x8’ kit trailer from Northern Tool, but knew that I would be making some modifications to the frame to suit my needs on day one.  Well technically, I first bought a rusty junker of a trailer from a guy on craigslist before I knew what I was getting myself into… Luckily I was able to flip the trailer, and get some learning out of the way early while I was at it.

Going with the kit trailer gave me a blank slate that was affordable and could be changed to suit my needs.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the modifications I made to the trailer assembly:

Welded frame and tongue extension (35% more sqft!)
Painted with Truckbed liner
Added jack stand and stabilizers
Replaced axle with a Dexter Torsion axle
Full size 16" rims and tires